3Dneuro is online!

Today, we are finally online and presenting 3Dneuro to the neuroscience community.

A bit more than two years ago, Abdel, Martha, and Tim chatted for the first time about the possibilities for making the 3D printed silicon probe microdrives Tim developed during his PhD available for a wider group of scientists. Up to that day, starting up and running experiments with awake behaving rodents using silicon probes wasn’t easy. The high price and fragility of silicon probes were a major problem for new researchers using these cutting-edge research tools in their experiments. So the three neuroscientists decided to work on developing a system that makes using these probes as easy as possible. The goal was to enable electrophysiologists, no matter whether they were already familiar with using silicon probes or not, to perform even complicated brain implant surgeries and start with their experiments as quickly and easily as possible.

Between then and now, the team optimized the microdrive design to create a plug-and-play system tailored to specific silicon probe shapes, tested them themselves and in collaborations in rats and mice, and, with the help of a Donders Startup Voucher, set up 3Dneuro as a spin-off of the Donders Institute.

If you’re interested in our microdrives, get in touch and see what we can do for you!

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