New metal microdrive in collaboration with the Buzsáki lab

We are very excited to announce our new collaboration with the Buzsáki lab at NYU. Their new microdrive for silicon probes is:

  • recoverable
  • reusable
  • open-source
  • extends your probe’s life span to 3+ implants (impedance becomes the main issue)
  • and also works with Neuropixels!

The metal microdrive and head cap were developed and systematically tested by Mihály Vöröslakos (@voroslakos), Peter Petersen (@petersenpeter) and team. You can read all about it in the preprint.

And because it’s open-source, you can make it yourself right now! … OR… you can let us make it for you at a lower price. Bulk production is awesome!

We are currently working on tweaking the design for cheaper manufacturing and improved user experience.

Pre-orders starting soon! Watch this space! Or contact us now if you want to be first in line.