Custom solutions for in-vivo electrophysiology.

Armor for your probes.

Science is difficult. Often, new ideas require methods and equipment that did not exist before, especially in systems neuroscience. We’re here to help other researchers that want to record neural activity to realize their new ideas faster and easier. 

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Our Products.

We specialize in making custom implants for in vivo (rodent) electrophysiology, to help researchers use cutting-edge high density silicon probes, by themselves or together with other recording and stimulation tools.

The 3Drive is our microdrive for silicon probes, compatible with all major commercial brands. We also offer a set of customized holders - and a step-by-step protocol - for safe probe assembly and implantation. Additional accessories are currently under development. We also collaborate with various research groups on custom designs.

Silicon probe microdrives

Lightweight silicon probe microdrives with a small footprint for cutting-edge multi-neuron recordings.

Accessories for microdrives

All the nitty-gritty tools to handle and protect your probes throughout your experiment.

Head fixation and VR accessories

Head-fixed virtual reality experiments that make you and your subjects happy. #OpenHardware

Custom implants and tools

Bespoke solutions for those times when the available options limit your science.

Our team.

We are a team of neuroscientists with multiple years of experience in in vivo rodent electrophysiology. After experiencing the hurdles of running these experiments ourselves, we developed 3D printed tools to streamline electrode implants and recordings for our own use. Believing in collaborative science and wanting to share the work we've done, we created 3Dneuro to help others do their research quicker, easier and more reliably.
Abdel Nemri

CEO / Co-founder

Abdel is a neuroscientist and business developer. Experienced in cat electrophysiology, mouse imaging and behavior, always in visual cortex. More recently got interested in assistive wearable devices for visually-impaired individuals, and the process of disseminating innovation.

Tim Schröder

CTO / Co-founder

In his life as neuroscientist, Tim studies neuronal interactions across multiple brain areas. He acquired expertise in 3D design so that he could develop tools for electrophysiological recordings in novel memory tasks and high-density silicon probe recordings.

Martha Havenith

Consultant / Co-founder

Martha is a Max Planck Research Group Leader in the Zero Noise Lab and has worked with electrophysiology and silicon probes since 2003, in cat and most recently in behaving mice in virtual reality. She handles inquiries about surgical procedures and animal handling.

Projects and Funding

As a young startup, we are grateful for receiving funding and support from the below organizations.
Donders Startup Voucher

With the help of a Donders Startup Voucher, we were able to found 3Dneuro and start getting the microdrives out to other labs. 

Boost4Health Business Development Voucher

Boost4Health supported us with a Business Development Voucher for market research across Europe.

Gelderland valoriseert Funding

End of 2019, we received startup funding from Gelderland valoriseert to bring our product development capabilities to the next level.

Mercator Launch

From early on, the pre-incubator Mercator Launch supported 3Dneuro with advice and feedback.


As one of the industrial partners in the large Dutch 7-year project INTENSE – Innovative NeuroTEchNology for SociEty, 3Dneuro supports the development, testing and exploitation of new brain implants.


iNavigate brings together behavioral scientists, neuroscientists, computer scientists, roboticists, AI experts and world-leading companies with an interest in automation and intelligent navigation. Aims to develop a mechanistic (and actionable) definition of how the brain generates action and translate this knowledge into novel technological solutions to control robotic mobility.

News and Articles

Here you will find news about 3Dneuro and 3D printing resources. Most other content is published on Twitter @3dneuro

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