Dummy drives

Establishing a new surgery protocol often includes a low of unknowns. To make your surgery planning easier and give you a feel for the dimensions of our microdrives, we made a non-functional dummy drive.

You can download the STL file, print it yourself (or have it printed), and play around with it. 

The drive has an added handle on top to hold it or connect it to a stereotactic holder.

Targeting practice

Instead of a silicon probe, you can add a stiff metal wire (or thin hypodermic needle) on the drive. This allows you to do mock stereotaxtic surgeries targeting your area of interest. If the wire is thick enough, you should be able to see its trace in histological preparations. Otherwise, you could also add a tracer to facilitate detection of the needle track. This could be a “proper” tracer (such as DiI), but regular dyes (e.g. food coloring) might work already for initial tests.


The dummy drive and suggestions for use are provided as-is and we can not give any guarantees regarding their use.