Rat cap components (for 3 caps)

Rat cap components (for 3 caps)

40,00 excl. VAT


Contains most non 3D printed components to build three rat caps:


3 x 0-80 screw 1”
3 x  0-80 brass insert
6 x 0-80 screw 5/32”
3 x male header pin
3 x copper tape cut to size
3 x M2 Thumb screw
3 x M2 nut

1 x 0.05” hex key (to close the cap)

You will need to print the plastic parts yourself. To tap the holes for the 0-80 screws 5/32” (closing the sides of the cap), we recommend using an appropriate 0-80 tap (but depending on the material you print in, you might be able to use one of the screws to cut the threads in the caps).


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