The 3Dneuro team

We are a team of neuroscientists with multiple years of experience in in vivo rodent electrophysiology. After experiencing the hurdles of running these experiments ourselves, we developed 3D printed tools to streamline electrode implants and recordings for our own use. Believing in collaborative science and wanting to share the work we’ve done, we created 3Dneuro to help others do their research quicker, easier and more reliably.​

Abdel Nemri

CEO / Co-founder

Abdel is a neuroscientist and business developer. Experienced in cat electrophysiology, mouse imaging and behavior, always in visual cortex. More recently got interested in assistive wearable devices for visually-impaired individuals, and the process of disseminating innovation.

Tim Schröder

CTO / Co-founder

In his life as neuroscientist, Tim studies neuronal interactions across multiple brain areas. He acquired expertise in 3D design so that he could develop tools for electrophysiological recordings in novel memory tasks and high-density silicon probe recordings.

Martha Havenith

Consultant / Co-founder

Martha is a Max Planck Research Group Leader in the Zero Noise Lab and has worked with electrophysiology and silicon probes since 2003, in cat and most recently in behaving mice in virtual reality. She handles inquiries about surgical procedures and animal handling.