Recover and Reuse your drive and probe

The R2Drive is a recoverable and reusable metal microdrive developed in the Buzsáki lab. It is part of a head-gear system for rats or mice, which we also manufacture.

Like our 3Drive, the R2Drive works with most commercial silicon probes with a flex cable, and can be made compatible with Neuropixels probes (1.0 and 2.0).

A major innovation is that the drive sits on an implantable base and can be removed from it after an experiment for reuse. This allows a probe mounted on the drive to be reused multiple times, resulting in significantly lower costs for experiments and less experimental interruptions due to silicon probe lead times.

In addition, a probe mounted on an R2Drive can easily be connected to a stereotax for acute recordings, allowing you to share probes between acute and chronic experiments.


R2Drive stands out from other open-source systems by the abundance of protocols available in peer-reviewed journals.


Example publications using the R2Drive

Ultra-high density electrodes improve detection, yield, and cell type specificity of brain recordings

Ye et al., 2023, bioRxiv

  • The Neuropixels Ultra preprint
  • Species: Lizard with R2Drive,  other species were mouse, macaque and electric fish

Preconfigured dynamics in the hippocampus are guided by embryonic birthdate and rate of neurogenesis

Huszár et al., 2022, Nature Neuroscience

  • Species: Mice
  • Paradigm: Freely moving / behaving animals
  • Silicon probe + optic fiber

Optogenetics reveals paradoxical network stabilizations in hippocampal CA1 and CA3

Watkins de Jong et al., 2023, Current Biology

  • Species: Rats / Mice
  • µLED silicon probes

Interictal epileptiform discharges affect memory in an Alzheimer’s Disease mouse model

Soula et al., 2023, PNAS

  • Model system: AD transgenic mice