3Drive phased out

Our first microdrive was based on a single idea: Protect the silicon probe! To achieve that, we often flirted with the limits of 3D printing. The […]

Methods preprints!

In the past month, two preprints featuring 3Dneuro were posted online and submitted for peer-review. This work is the result of longstanding collaborations with the Genzel […]

Press: 3Dneuro featured in Dutch newsletter Bionieuws

Last month, Bionieuws – a professional newsletter for biologists – ran a feature on 3Dneuro (Letter 7, May 14 2022). Our co-founder Tim can be seen […]

R2Drive preorder update

This week, we announced on Twitter a preorder round for our first production run of the R2Drive. This microdrive was designed by the Buzsáki lab at NYU, with a focus […]

Hosting open hardware files on Zenodo: Durable and citable resource sharing

Recently, while preparing our next open hardware project, we researched how to best share the design files. Originally we decided to self-host, with the idea of […]

New metal microdrive in collaboration with the Buzsáki lab

We are very excited to announce our new collaboration with the Buzsáki lab at NYU. Their new microdrive for silicon probes is: The metal microdrive and […]

Recent Nature feature on DIY science equipment

On Nov 17 2020, the journal Nature published a feature about how “How DIY technologies are democratizing science” by Sandeep Ravindran. Key takeaways: “The idea that […]

Tech Hotel: A new collaboration for 3Dneuro

Here’s another project delayed by COVID-19 that we’re finally starting. Tech Hotel is a grant from the Dutch Research Council (NWO) that focuses on technological advances and knowledge […]

A little opening: Sharing some designs as open hardware

We believe value creation – be it new software, hardware or methods – comes with a moral obligation to make it available to everyone who needs […]