R2Drive Resources

On this page, you can find some resources links to instructions for how to use the R2Drive. As this page is thought as a starting point for people who ordered the R2Drive through 3Dneuro, some information might apply differently if you printed the drive yourself or had it made elsewhere.

General resources

Buzsaki lab github and eLife paper: A great start for how to use the R2Drive by the creators of the drive.

An overview of head gear systems for chronic implants: an introductory comparison of multiple head gear systems compatible with the R2Drive. 

Implantation protocols

Vöröslakos, M., Petersen, P. C., Vöröslakos, B., & Buzsáki, G. (2021). Metal microdrive and head cap system for silicon probe recovery in freely moving rodent. ELife, 10, e65859. https://doi.org/10.7554/eLife.65859

The publication contains a concise implantation protocol for the drive and head gear.

Vandecasteele, M., M., S., Royer, S., Belluscio, M., Berényi, A., Diba, K., Fujisawa, S., Grosmark, A., Mao, D., Mizuseki, K., Patel, J., Stark, E., Sullivan, D., Watson, B., & Buzsáki, G. (2012). Large-scale Recording of Neurons by Movable Silicon Probes in Behaving Rodents. Journal of Visualized Experiments, 61. https://doi.org/10.3791/3568
An extensive, video-based protocol for creating versatile implantations suitable for multi-drive implants.


If you use the R2Drive, rat cap, or mouse cap, please cite the  paper by Vöröslakos et al.:

Metal microdrive and head cap system for silicon probe recovery in freely moving rodent. Mihály Vöröslakos, Peter C. Petersen, Balázs Vöröslakos, György Buzsáki doi: 10.7554/eLife.65859

If you purchased the R2Drive or head gear from 3Dneuro, we would appreciate if you mention us in your methods section (for example, “The silicon probes were mounted on metal microdrives (R2Drive, purchased from 3Dneuro, Nijmegen, The Netherlands)”)

Share your experience

We want to make the drive, head gear and processes better for everyone! If you ordered drives or head gear from us, share your experience and feedback! And if you have helpful tips, alternative protocols, or resources that might benefit the community, get in touch as well!

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