Last month, Bionieuws – a professional newsletter for biologists – ran a feature on 3Dneuro (Letter 7, May 14 2022). Our co-founder Tim can be seen assembling a metal microdrive. In the interview, we covered a few themes, summarized below: How one of our main goals is to make experimentsContinue Reading

This week, we announced on Twitter a preorder round for our first production run of the R2Drive. This microdrive was designed by the Buzsáki lab at NYU, with a focus on sustainability: One can reuse the drive and the silicon probes ♻️, with the main limitation being electrode impedance. WeContinue Reading

On Nov 17 2020, the journal Nature published a feature about how “How DIY technologies are democratizing science” by Sandeep Ravindran. Key takeaways: “The idea that scientists build their own equipment is as old as science,” (Tom Baden) a reminder that the trend itself is not new, scientists have beenContinue Reading

Here’s another project delayed by COVID-19 that we’re finally starting. Tech Hotel is a grant from the Dutch Research Council (NWO) that focuses on technological advances and knowledge transfer. Two researchers from the Donders Institute – Tansu Celikel and Joanes Grandjean – set out to push the limits of protein imaging. MoreContinue Reading

In recent years, 3D printing technology has been getting better and cheaper, bringing performance usually accessible only to large industrial companies into the consumer market. New materials are constantly developed, and nowadays it is possible to print objects with high detail in a variety of plastics, metals, and even sandstoneContinue Reading

Since 2016, the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour awards 5000€ to scientists that want to take an idea from the lab to create bigger impact for society. In 2017, the voucher was aimed to support scientists to do market research or start a company based on their research.Continue Reading