R2Drive preorder update

This week, we announced on Twitter a preorder round for our first production run of the R2Drive. This microdrive was designed by the Buzsáki lab at NYU, with a focus […]

Hosting open hardware files on Zenodo: Durable and citable resource sharing

Recently, while preparing our next open hardware project, we researched how to best share the design files. Originally we decided to self-host, with the idea of […]

New metal microdrive in collaboration with the Buzsáki lab

We are very excited to announce our new collaboration with the Buzsáki lab at NYU. Their new microdrive for silicon probes is: The metal microdrive and […]

Recent Nature feature on DIY science equipment

On Nov 17 2020, the journal Nature published a feature about how “How DIY technologies are democratizing science” by Sandeep Ravindran. Key takeaways: “The idea that […]