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In collaboration with the Buzsáki lab, we are producing their new, Recoverable and Reusable metal microdrive (R2Drive). We will produce a first batch of the drive in May-June 2021. To ensure timely order fulfillment, we limit the production to a small number of drives (50 drives), shipped on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Drive parameters
Aluminium (main parts), stainless steel and brass (screws)
Footprint (mm)
3.3mm x 4.45mm (w x d, bottom) 4mm x 5mm (w x d, including arm)
Travel distance
7 mm
Travel per turn
1/90 inch (282µm)

Please fill out the form below to save your spot for the first batch of microdrives. Note that this is not an order, yet. We will get in touch with the final information on the drives beginning of June and offer drives to scientists in order of signup while we still have drives available. We will give you a few days to confirm your preorder. If you know that the decision making in your lab could take longer than a work week, we suggest to already start the process.

The Buzsaki lab metal microdrive (R2Drive) and cap


Part Price (EUR) (approx USD)
R2Drive (assembled)
Stereotax attachment*
Drive holder*

*At this time we ship only the 3D printed parts for these accessories. See instructions on github for ordering the required screws.

The stereotax attachment + drive holder are used for both implantation and recovery. To build a complete implant, additional parts are needed, especially a protective cap. Our multipurpose crown is suitable here, as well as the caps described in the preprint (the latter can be printed on any desktop SLA printer). Let us know in the form if you wish to buy the preprint’s protective caps and we’ll consider producing them.

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